How to buy or commission a piece of work. Commissioning wrought iron or bronze sculpture, furniture or gates and other artistic ironwork for your home or public space.  




Whether it be garden art, interior sculpture, gates or landscape features to complement an overall design, there are three ways to commission work:

Direct Sales:

If you have seen an item on the Current work page, please get in touch by phone or email to discuss payment and delivery. Delivery and siting can be arranged to suit your needs.


If you are thinking of commissioning a piece of work, contact me by phone or email to discuss possibilities. It always helps if you want to send relevant photos that might help in the design process. I am happy to prepare sketches for you and this will provide a basis for pricing.

Design brief:

For garden and landscape designers, architects, planners or anyone planning a project, I am happy to discuss your plans by phone or email or by visiting the site.

I can prepare scale drawings, visuals and scale models to help enhance your design