Garden art in metal and wood. Wrought iron sculpture for the garden, landscape or public place including weather vanes, wind sculpture and water features, animal and insect sculpture, figurative art and bronzes designed and made in Cheshire, UK.


Garden art has gained popularity in recent years but garden sculpture is an ancient tradition. Landscaped gardens have long used sculpture whether metal or stone, bronze or carved wood to add accents and features to areas the garden. Public spaces as well as private gardens can benefit from highlights on the form of sculpture. In some cases this can be in the form of artistic seating, weather vanes or sundials.

Equally, pure sculpture can enhance a quiet space. Insects provide fascinating subjects for study in sculpture and animal sculpture in general can add to a landscape design. Floral sculpture can lift a border, especially in winter and figurative art, masks and faces can prove striking on walls or in alcoves.

David likes to design and create work that will suit any garden, however some work can benefit from being site specific, ie designed especially for a particular garden space. Working mainly in metals such as wrought iron, steel and bronze, he emphasizes beauty, durability and depth. Garden sculpture exhibitions throughout the year serve to display David's work alongside the work of other contemporary sculptors and are a popular days out in beautiful surroundings. To find out more about upcoming events, visit the Exhibitions and Events page.

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