Distinctive artistic wrought iron gates. Specially designed gates from small garden gates to large estate gates as well as unusual sculptural gates. Driveway gates don't have to be straight bars with little gold spikes


Artistic wrought iron gates, whether driveway gates, small garden gates, large estate gates, manual or fully automated should be built to last. Many fine examples of old wrought ironwork still survive from the 18th century and are testament to the durability of the material and construction. Blacksmiths have for centuries used decorative techniques to lift gates from the purely practical to become bold features of a property. The modern artist blacksmith takes this a step further in designs that go beyond traditional detail, often using modern equipment and techniques alongside traditional forge work to produce new and exciting designs. Modern materials such as mild steel, stainless steel and the technique of galvanizing are also used to significantly lengthen the lifespan of the ironwork by preventing corrosion. Modern paints are also used to greater decorative effect.

'The Devil's in the detail'

Bespoke wrought iron gates usually means gates composed of components bought off the shelf and welded together. The result is usually boring at best and often downright ugly. A skillful blacksmith steers away from stock components in favour of making everything from scratch using a combination of ancient and modern techniques. The result is that beautiful design details can be incorporated into your gates to make them distinctive and unusual. As can be seen in the images of some details (right) wrought ironwork doesn't have to be two dimensional. 

Gate automation allows easy operation of larger gates, whether using a key fob from the car or an intercom that can operate from a mobile phone. We can integrate these systems into the design of our gates and install accordingly. The design process begins with discussions about your requirements and following on from this, rough sketches can be produced to give an indication of price and to finalize details. Then a final design drawing can be produced. Usually site visits are needed to measure, but also to get a feel for the setting which will help in the design process. Please feel free to call David to discuss your project at any stage.

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