Artist blacksmith and sculptor David Freedman has been making artistic gates, garden art and metal sculpture and unique furniture from his workshop in Cheshire since 1995


artist blacksmith cheshireCheshire Life Feature 2009

"I have been an artist blacksmith and sculptor for over 15 years, starting by making artistic gates in London and Kent and then moving up to Mill Forge near Nantwich in Cheshire, UK. I produce one off pieces of sculpture in metal and wood for sculpture trails and exhibitions as well as garden art and interior sculpture and sculptural furniture. I like to make site specific sculpture for public spaces as well as small figurative pieces and I have a special interest in the human face and masks.

More recently I have been making some of my sculpture in bronze, moulding my work in wood, wax and plaster, then taking them to a local foundry in north wales. I exhibit my work at summer exhibitions, both locally and nationally (more detail on the Exhibitions page as well as art galleries and garden shows.

I like to balance art and craft, making practical and functional items with a sculptural element but also making pure decorative art pieces.

I began making sculpture following a trip to Italy to visit a group of artists and sculptors. During my studies in London I attended the Slade School of Art, I trained in life drawing. This influenced my metalwork inspiring me to create unique sculptures, going against the trend of the time for abstract sculpture. I have always preferred to make figurative work. Though not usually literal in subject, my pieces often echo classical sculpture with a modern, sometimes humourous flavour.

Wrought ironwork lends itself well to sculpture as it can be worked using a variety of techniques including hot forgework and welding. I have developed new techniques using a power hammer to mould steel plate which is then cut to shape, re-welded and re-worked. I also works in bronze, wood, copper and other media, always preferring to be hands on rather than contracting out any of the making process"

The image above is from a feature published in Cheshire Life Magazine, November 2009 To read the full article click here: Cheshire Life Nov 09